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Take the chance to make a difference in your trading by studying and testing the various technical and fundamental tools that we discuss. It won't be long before you perform with greater confidence, safe in your knowledge and your trading decisions.
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    Featured Indicator

    Stochastics Indicator

    Stochastics is one of the oldest analytical tools in the market and its great advantage is its simplicity. But what is the best way of using it, and what pitfalls should you avoid?

    What Are Forex Indicators?

    Indicators are used for identifying, or even creating patterns from the chaos of the currency market. In all cases, they receive the raw market data as the basic input, and manipulate it in differing ways to create (as opposed to discover) actionable trading scenarios. The natural consequence of this description is that indicators are not tools of prediction. Instead, they are used to give order to the price data, so that it is possible for the trader to identify possible opportunities. No indicator is right or wrong with respect to the signals that it emits, but each of them must be used with an appropriate money management strategy in order to deliver the desired results.

    There are many different kinds of indicators and it is not a hard task to define the tools required to evaluate the market – differing techniques can be employed as part of an effective trading strategy.

    While it is important to use indicators to plan your forex strategy, it is also crucial to bear in mind the risks associated with trading and that losses are likely to occur.